Hello 2019!

02 January 2019

Finally, a long awaited update! Sika Deer in Nara, Japan. Shot on a Fujifilm X-E1 56mm f/1.2. (24/12/2018) So much has happened since the last update, the bulk of it being the intense struggle through the first semester of my second year in NUS and a well deserved two-week vacation to Japan! It has been an incredibly testing period personally, filled with failures but also breakthroughs, enriching through-and-through. This semester has been particularly tough for me in terms of decision making, as I have made the huge decision to finally apply for a change of major from Life Science to...

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Hello World!

22 August 2018

Ello ello! Programming into the night until it works is just the best feeling. I am so excited to finally release a working version of this website. This website was a weekend spent entirely deciphering the Jekyll system which runs on Ruby (which I'm running on Windows, risky) as well as breaking down some of the more advanced HTML and CSS formatting techniques used in this website. Of course, I did not build this entirely from scratch and started off with a template which you can view here! Coming from only knowing basic HTML and CSS, this has been a...

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