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Hi! I'm Gabriel,
a Year 4 Computer Science undergraduate at NUS.

Welcome to my blog where I showcase my pet projects and other work!


I’m Gabriel Ong, a Singaporean Year 4 undergraduate in the National University of Singapore majoring in Computer Science, with an interest in problem solving and developing scalable and forward-looking solutions.

From a young age, I have had a strong passion for all things science and learning about how things work, constantly seeking to expand my knowledge to answer questions I had about the world around me. This drive eventually led me to pursuing Computer Science as my major in my tertiary education. The skills I have picked up along the way have enabled me to think more computationally but also critically about how I can best utilize technology for the betterment of those around me. As I continue this lifelong journey of learning, this site serves to document and showcase some of my experiences.

My interests are currently in Full Stack Development and Cloud Computing and Architecture.

Work & Skills

In 2020, I worked at Grab Singapore as a Full Stack Engineer Intern in the team. In the team, we worked on maintaining and improving the functionality of a heavy traffic site (10M++ visitors/month) utilizing latest web technologies. I contributed by planning and executing an internal maker-checker editorial workflow system within Grab's CMS for hundreds of internal users, a feature which I also had the opportunity to act as product owner.

In 2019, I worked at Whizpace, a networking hardware start-up based in Singapore, as a software engineer intern. Working directly with Whizpace’s CTO and the development team, I contributed in the strategy and development of the software architecture for various products. I developed a GUI overhaul patch for one of their devices and integrated a Microsoft Azure Cloud solution with one of their products for IoT data monitoring. Along with a peer, I led the development of a novel Windows application for one of their products for offline data monitoring.

My coding proficiencies include Java, JavaScript and Python among other languages. I am also familiar with using popular JS web frameworks like React as well as frameworks for other devices like Flutter for iOS and Android development. I am also comfortable in using Windows, OS X and various Linux distros in both CLI and GUI environments. I plan to learn so much more in my journey to becoming a better developer.

I have also interned at Changi General Hospital as a Microbiology Lab Technician for a year in polytechnic. My final year thesis involved planning and doing rigorous lab work and subsequently tons of statistical data analysis on the antimicrobial resistances of hypermutagenic strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from isolated from patients suffering from chronic lung diseases. The study was subsequently presented at the CGH/EHA Annual Scientific Meeting in 2014. You can access the paper here.


Besides using computing, I also try to use other tools to express my creativity! I play the drums in a currently developing progressive metal project band and also (try to) independently compose electronic music. I used to play in several local bands as well. Check out my Soundcloud clips below!

Missing You, a lofi mix of a song from the PC game Maplestory.

Performing at Japanese Culture Night at Utown

Performing at Japanese Culture Night 2016 at Utown.

Good night, sleep tight, a lofi mix of a song from the SNES game Mother 2.

Drumming for DJ Party 2016 @ Bugis

Sweaty drumming at DJ Party 2016 @ Bugis.

A full remake of the Doom 3 Theme Song.

Laying down beats! (follow me on instagram!)


If you have any questions or comments for me, please do not hesitate to email me using the form below! I will read them and give you a reply as soon as I can. Alternatively, you may contact me through any of the social media links located at the bottom of the nav bar! If you are an employer seeking for my details, click 'For Potential Employers' on the nav bar!